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Tető-Zsindely Építőanyag Szaküzlet
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Welcome to Our Website!

Our company's main profile is the roof.
We await our customers with great colour and form selection of bituminous shingles, roof-tiles, steal- and plastic roofing materials.
We also distribute OSB boards, heat- and water insulating materials, footing stones, ready- made penthouses, metal and plastic drainpipes, indoor and outdoor windowsills.

You can find out more about our products if you click on the products underlined below.

Bituminous Shingles:

Certain Teed, CharbitIcopalIKOIsolaJCPShinglasSuper Katepal, Tegola,

                            You can find shingle prices under our Webshop page.



                            The discount prices of roof-tiles can be found under our Webshop page

   Steel roofing materials for roof and side walls:  


The discount prices of steel products can be found under our Webshop page.

   Bituminous corrugated boards: 

           Onduline,  Guttapral,

The prices of bituminous corrugated boards can be found under our Webshop page.

   Plastic flat- and corrugated boards: 

          Polycarbonate, polyester, acryl and PVC, hobby glasses, 

The prices of plastic products can be found under our Webshop page.

   Slate renewing and flat-roof insulating heavy boards: 

           Charbit,  Icopal,  Isola, Isoroof,  Isogum,

                           The prices of heavy boards can be found under our Webshop page.

   Ready-made penthouses:    

            Gutta,  Icopal,

                          The prices of penthouses can be found under our Webshop page.

    OSB boards:              

                          The discount prices of OSB boards can be found under our  Webshop page.

    Supplementary materials for roofing:         
          Spacer, glue, nail, ventilator, snow block, antenna outlet
          aluminium edges, roof window, bird screen, roof walkway, ect.

                         The prices of shingle supplementary materials and roof walkway can be found under our Webshop page.

    Heat insulating and sound absorbing materials: 

              Rockwool,  Knauf, 

                         The discount prices of insulating materials can be found under our  Webshop page.

Roof foils and building foils:                    

   Surface Drainage:


Wall covering stones:                 



            Bramac,  Galeco,  LindabRuukki,  Polypipe 

                          The discount prices of rainpipes can be found under our Webshop page.

Roof windows:           

                                      Velux,  Roto

                         The discount prices of roof windows can be found under our Webshop page.

Outdoor and indoor window sills:

                        The window sills can be found under our Webshop page.

Under Shingling menu you can get more information, about the professional installation of bituminous shingles, roof structure forming, and the necessity of shingle roof ventilation from the video films we made.

In our Sale menu you can find our  products that have discount prices. This is constantly updated. In case of personal order we offer further discounts for some products and you can get more information abot this in our stores.

Tető-Zsindely Építőanyag Szaküzlet
where you can majestically crown your house.

Our emphasized offers:
      NYÁRI AKCIÓ            
   2018. június 04-től

     corrugated board

   natur, yellow, green and bronze



instead of 1.580.- Ft gross
for 1.348.- Ft/m2 gross
        saving: 232.- Ft/m2

     Roof repair plate

       with modificated bitumen
              grey colour

       instead of 1.380.- Ft gross

         for 890.- Ft/m2 gross
        saving: 490.-Ft/m2
         corrugated board

         with 9 corrugations


     instead of  2.400.- Ft gross
   for 2.060.- Ft/peace gross
        saving: 340.- Ft/peace
           OSB - Boards


    instead of 3.500.-Ft  gross
     for 3.280.-Ft/peace gross
        saving: 220.-Ft/peace


        VSG1 DUO 5/10
     insulating glass wool
               5mm 18m2
             10mm   9m2


         instead of 291.- Ft gross
275.- Ft/m2 gross
        saving: 16.- Ft/m2

         Rock cotton
               5 cm

         Paroc UNS 37z

            1 bale contains:
              10,42 m2
heat insulating substance

Size: 1220 mm x 610 mm
Anti-burn class: A1
Heat insulation factor: 0,037W/mK

 - waterproof,
 - airallowing

 Shinglas hodf arnyekoltvoros.jpg

    instead of  520.-Ft  gross
         504.- Ft/m2 gross
            saving: 16.-Ft/m2
         corrugated board

         with 8 corrugations
        Size: 100 cm x 76 cm

     instead of  1.400.- Ft gross
   for 1.290.- Ft/peace gross
        saving: 110.- Ft/peace


          10 mm dick



        Statt Brutto 3.300.- Ft
        Brutto  3.120.- Ft/m2
         sparen: 182.-Ft/m2
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